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This is Guest Post by  Ranjit Upadhyaya .This article gives you complete analysis of Gate Coaching Institutes in India. So please read this article and let us know your doubts through comments. 

Hello friends!!

        As you know, GATE 2014 has moved online, and the exams start coming February. Being a GATE aspirant myself, I am sure many of you would be wondering how to prepare or put the finishing touches to your preparation.
So how about a classroom course? Or a correspondence course? Naah…the few months left for the actual exam don’t make any sense in going for a full coaching program. Also those of us who are already enrolled into a classroom/correspondence program would agree that even the coaching institutes have now shifted their focus on providing mock GATE exams now.

With this view let me present some information on some of the reputed places people go to for availing test series/online preparation for GATE

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The above list presents some information on some of the top test series/online learning providers. I have gathered the above data based on the details mentioned on respective websites and telephonic/email inquiries at the respective institutes at Hyderabad.
Let me give a brief description of all the above courses
  • TIME: The college counseling bit is useless. I went to one of their Hyderabad centers and the people there were themselves clueless about basic information like which college to go for based on percentile. The advanced test series however has a good number of questions included. My rating: Poor

  • Madeeasy: These guys provide very few tests, and I really did not find anything extraordinary. Should be an okay kind of test seris.
     My rating: Average

  • GATE Forum: The tarGATE series is good, plus I get access to previous 10+ years’ question papers. Very expensive for a test series though. 
    My rating: Good

  • ACE academy: Again a plain vanilla test series, and I got a discounted fee of 1500 rupees. 
    My rating: Average

  • Greycampus: These guys seem to be new, but on a bit of interaction with them online, I was impressed (really!). These guys are providing Pearson study material to read and quickly brush up on weak areas, plus their tests have a huge question bank! They told me that every time I take a section test, the questions change. This means that I can practice on and on at each section, and the questions would change every time I take the test! Plus the fee – its easily the lowest fee amongst all. Bad part – only 4 streams are covered . The price of product start from just 700/- INR
    My rating: Awesome

I believe that for EE, CS, ME and EC the best course would be the one from Greycampus. However if you are from CE/CH/IN/BT, better pay a bit more to get the GATE forum tests.Please discuss your ideas/experince through comments..

                          What’s your take?

Ranjit Upadhyaya
GATE 2014 EC aspirant


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